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Township Board Members

Sandi Jackson, Supervisor

Natalie A. Wyant, Clerk

Teresa Owsley, Treasurer


Mark Thornton, Trustee

Carol Bielski, Trustee


Meeting are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

Planning Commission 

Virginia Trattles- Chairman   

Dave Kuhn

Dennis Cristofero

Mark Thornton

Jim Bidwell

Natalie Wyant


Contact Township Office for meeting dates.

Lake Board

Jim Borgert, Chairman

Tom Tenney

Ed Bell

Jim Crawford

Jeff Wenzel 


+ 1 County Commissioner


Meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of the month, from April to September, at 10:00 am. Advisor board meets @ 9am

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

James Avery Jr., Chairman


Bob Avery

Mark Thornton

Virginia Trattles

Jerry Albright

Ron Toth, Alternate


Contact Township Office for meeting dates.

Board of Review

Scott Wyant, Chairman

Sandi Jackson

Christine Johnson

Ron Cerny

Jim Bidwell


Contact Township Office for meeting dates.

Fire Board

Sandi Jackson, Chairman 

Marilyn McManus

Sharon Craun

Jan Eichel

Carol Bielski

Jodi Gross


Meetings are held at the Fire Department the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 pm.

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